Salut! Hello! Ciao! Hallo! Hola! …

Generally, hello!

We invite you, your friends and relative to our Hostel – perhaps the best hostel in Vladimir! Why we? Why not the other hotels of the city? Everything is simple –we have not only the pleasant price, but everything in our hostel is pleasant, comfortable and cozy!

Our hostel is in the center of the town. Almost the ALL main sights are not far from the hostel (you can see the way through the centre of the city just looking out of the window of your room!!!), you can get the railway and bus station by public transport in 10 minutes. The historic center of Vladimir is in 5 minutes walk from the hostel.

You don’t like excursions? It’s your choice! Two most fashionable clubs of the city are in two steps from our hostel and   if you go a little farther you’ll find many interesting places: bars, cafes, restaurants … This kind of rest is not for you? Well, there are: Regional Philharmonic Society, Drama Theater, cinemas nearby …

Such a well-wishing, cheerful and friendly staff you don’t find anywhere! They’ll help you with any questions and requests in any time, they will tell you about the most interesting places of the city. We offer you cozy, comfortable and very modern rooms (p.s.: look through the photos in the section “Rooms”).

Are you not here yet?! Well, think a little, look round and know that you are welcome at any time!

Thanks, hope to see you soon!